Auckland Asbestos Removal

When asbestos removal services in Auckland are required, NZRS provide both A class & B class asbestos removal and asbestos disposal throughout all of the Auckland region.

We can respond to, manage, remove, and dispose of any asbestos-containing materials that your property may contain, whether large or small quantities. We also offer asbestos removal for commercial properties and buildings.

Auckland contains many types of residential housing and properties. Many are single-detached housing or semi-detached housing; however, terraced housing flats and apartments also make up a large component of housing in Auckland.

In Auckland, we often remove the following types of asbestos:

Asbestos Soffits, Cladding, Fencing, Garages, Sheds, Floor Vinyl and Tiles and many other asbestos-containing materials.


Auckland city view from Mt. Eden summit


Asbestos In Auckland Homes

With all different types of housing built throughout Auckland, many that were constructed between 1940 – 2000 may harbor asbestos-containing materials (ACM).

NZRS have removed asbestos from many types of residential households throughout Auckland Central, Northshore, South Auckland, West Auckland and East Auckland suburbs.

We know the common areas in houses and materials that are prone to containing asbestos, this is based on the type of housing and year it was built.

If you are unsure if your property may contain asbestos, we recommend a sample survey and a lab test to determine if asbestos is present.

There are many independent asbestos surveyors and testing labs in Auckland that can assist, we can get you in contact with your nearest lab and we can come to collect a sample if required. Read more about our asbestos removal services

Further information about the cost of removing various asbestos types and materials can be found here.

Auckland residential houses and homes


Asbestos Roofs and Roofing Materials

Roofs & roofing materials were common and used in many Auckland homes.

Some forms of asbestos roofing are:

  • Decramastic – Iron roof with an asbestos aggregate glued to the top.
  • Cement tiles and corrugated cement sheets – also known as super-six and baby-six sheets.

You can find information about the cost of asbestos roof removal and roofing materials here.

Asbestos roof (super-six cement sheets) close-up.


Asbestos Ceilings

  • Also known as asbestos popcorn ceilings, textured ceilings, and stipple ceilings. Asbestos ceilings do come in various forms and are considered ‘friable’ – Class A asbestos removal.
  • Some harder and embossed renders such as fan, combe and shell patterns often known as Artex can be wet stripped therefore considered ‘non friable’ – Class B asbestos removal.
  • Care should be taken when dealing with non-asbestos identified materials as the render and jointing compounds below can contain asbestos, this is less common in Auckland when compared to South Island locations such as Christchurch.
  • Sparkly ceilings are often considered to be asbestos, this will be determined by having a sample analysed in an accredited independent laboratory.

See information about the cost of asbestos ceiling removal here.


asbestos popcorn ceiling


Asbestos Cladding


Also known as asbestos cement cladding, fibre cement and by the brand names – Hardies,  Hardiplank and Fibrolite.

Asbestos cladding can come in various colours, sizes, and forms.

Cladding containing asbestos is not always used externally, it can be found internally within structures to line ceilings, and inside garages and sheds.

External cladding containing asbestos is also very common in Auckland homes & properties.

More information about the cost of asbestos cladding removal can be found here.


fence made from asbestos cement sheets.


Asbestos Flooring & Floor Tiles


Also known as asbestos flooring tiles, VCT vinyl composite tile and asbestos backed vinyl.

Asbestos is often found within the vinyl or tile and can also be found in the backing, in a paper like layer. This layer can be a particularly high-risk material due to the high content of asbestos.

In addition to asbestos within the flooring, asbestos bitumen adhesives (like a black tar) are common and can be visible as a black backing layer.

You can view information about the cost of asbestos flooring, flooring tiles, and vinyl removal here.

Asbestos Fencing


Asbestos cement fencing if undisturbed and well painted can be a low risk.

They can however, become weather damaged, disturbed by trees and damaged from gardening activities such as using weed eaters and other maintenance devices.

Fences are often prone to knocks or wear, this damage has the potential to contaminate soil and is historically a common cause found for contaminated land.

BRANZ guidance documentation is available for more information on asbestos contaminated soil.

Both asbestos fences and contaminated soil are generally considered ‘Class B’ asbestos removal.

Find more information about the cost of asbestos fence removal here.


Fence made from asbestos cement sheets.cements sheets that are broken and disturbed.


Asbestos Garages and Sheds

We remove asbestos-containing materials from garages and sheds throughout many residential properties in Auckland.

The most common asbestos containing materials are asbestos roofing, cladding (interior & exterior) and flooring, such as vinyl and tiles.

The removal cost can vary depending on the volume of asbestos containing materials, however, you can find more info about the cost to remove asbestos garages and sheds here.

Garage with roof made from asbestos sheets.


Asbestos Soffits

Soffits are very common in residential homes in New Zealand, due to the building style and design of  homes and structures throughout the 1970’s – late 1990’s.

Soffits made from asbestos were very common during this time, if undisturbed the risk of contamination is lower.

It is always recommended to get an asbestos survey and test if you are unsure. More information about the cost of removing asbestos soffits can be found here.


Asbestos soffits on the exterior of a house.


Asbestos Gables

Generally triangular in shape and located as a portion of wall between the edges of the intersecting roof. These are common in New Zealand, and have often been known to contain asbestos in homes and structures built throughout the 1960s-mid 1990’s.

See information about the cost of asbestos gable removal here.


Asbestos gable on the exterior of a house.



Contact NZRS today if you have had an asbestos survey completed with a positive test. We can then discuss an asbestos management and removal plan for you.

We also provide demolition services, and have extensive experience with demolition works where asbestos is present.

Further information and resources on asbestos removal in Auckland can be found at the Auckland City Council website.

New Zealand Restoration Services (NZRS) is proud to be recognised as one of the most trusted and top asbestos removal companies in Auckland.

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