House Demolition

We provide our clients with a seamless and stress-free house demolition experience from start to finish. Whether you are a property developer, builder, or property owner, NZRS are a dependable and reliable partner in house demolition.

Not all demolition projects are the same, many of these require bespoke planning, management, equipment-for an environmentally safe, cost effective and stress-free process.

Factors that will influence the planning, management, and costs of house demolition projects we manage are:

Demolition Project Size:

  • The larger the project, the more resources, equipment, and staff required to complete the demolition project to the required deadline.

Types of Materials to Demolish:

  • Houses built with concrete or brick will require more equipment and may take longer than houses built with timber materials.
  • If asbestos materials are present, then specialised equipment, PPE and processes will be required for the safe removal, clearance, and disposal of these hazardous materials.

Scope of the Demolition work:

  • Whether a complete or partial demolition, strip out or the removal of a small structure, the scope of the project will determine the time and costs involved.

Once the planning management and required council permits have been approved, the actual demolition, removal of debris and clearance can be completed quite quickly, often within 1-3 days.



Why choose NZRS for your house demolition project?

  • We use the latest and best equipment, tools, and practices to ensure we demolish properties safely, efficiently, and accurately. We clean up and remove all of the demolished materials and debris, so the site is clean and gets clearance so the next phase can take place.

  • We are certified Class A and Class B asbestos removal¬† professionals, if there is asbestos present in the property you plan to demolish, we can complete asbestos removal and demolition project together. This can save time and costs as opposed to dealing with an independent demolition company and an independent asbestos removal company.

  • We have demolished many houses, dwellings and properties throughout Auckland and the surrounding regions for over 5 years, with combined experience of 25 years in demolition of houses and dwellings.

We Are Eco-Friendly:

We take an Eco-friendly and safe approach when it comes to house demolition. If house materials can be recycled through careful deconstruction, we will do our best to achieve this.

By taking these steps we encourage a safe environment through less unnecessary landfill and promoting the recycling and re-use of salvageable materials.

Contact us with your house demolition queries and questions, we can help.

Broken concrete debris from a house demolition, with a recycling symbol.


How much does it cost to demolish a house?

Prior to deciding to demolish your home, you need to consider the process of a correct house demolition, this process includes determining the cost of demolition.

There is no definitive price point for demolishing a house, and it can be difficult to provide an estimate based on the size of the house alone.

We always recommend an on-site visit to assess other factors, so we can provide an accurate fixed quote for the entire demolition project to be completed to a deadline.

The cost of demolishing a house in New Zealand can start from $10,000 and above due to the following factors.


A calculator and concrete debris from a house demolition.

Size and access:
  • Large houses will cost more to bring down. Besides the size, site access and the gradient will impact the overall costs. If it is difficult for demolition equipment to get onto the site, expect the demolition cost to increase.

Building materials:
  • A building made with heavy materials such as concrete or brick is more expensive than a timber house.
  • In some cases, the timber can be salvaged for reuse, which will further decrease the overall cost of demolition.
  • If the house contains asbestos, you will pay more for the demolition. Most houses built between 1920 and 1990 were constructed using asbestos.
  • Houses made of asbestos will be more expensive to demolish than normal concrete because they require a licensed contractor to remove all hazardous material. The contractor must also carry out a thorough pre-demolition survey, increasing the cost.

Service disconnections:
  • When gas and power need to be disconnected, additional fees will likely be required due to these disconnections as they must administered by a licensed contractor.

Other factors:
  • The presence of trees, shrubs or underground contaminated waste requiring removal in addition to the house will increase the costs. Furthermore, additional structures, such as a pool or shed or garage will be considered as an additional cost.
  • Local council and permit requirements will too impact on the overall costs. The distance to disposal or recycling centres will also add up the transportation cost.

Considering the above points, an initial survey is necessary before the actual demolition can start.

Contact us with your house demolition queries, we can help.


House Demolition FAQs

What is Demolition?

Demolition is the process of disassembling and removing structures using a safe, controlled environment and method of destruction, achieved by using machinery and work by hand.

Demolition not only includes dismantling structures but also includes concrete removal, internal strip outs, pool, chimney and driveway removal and the demolition of other structures and materials on a property.

What is the process of a house demolition?

The first step after accepting your quotation is to start engaging in the relevant pre-demolition procedures. These can be organised by yourself or through NZRS on your behalf.

These procedures include:

  • Council Demolition Consent (if required) – Stand-alone detached buildings which are no more than three stories in height do not require building consent.
  • Power Abolishment
  • Gas Abolishment
  • Capping of Sewer and Water or Septic Decommissioning.

Once all the appropriate procedures and abolishments have been obtained, the scheduling of the demolition process can begin.

Do I need Council consent to demolish my house?

If you are unsure if you require building consent to demolish your house then refer to our resources here – Stand-alone detached buildings which are no more than three stories in height do not require building consent in Auckland.