Our demolition services include:

  • Full or Partial Demolition of Houses & Homes
  • Internal & Interior Demolition
  • Garage shed and small structure demolition
  • Deconstruction, Dismantling & Recycling
  • Strip-Outs
  • Concrete Demolition
  • Storm, Fire & Flood Demolition
  • Pool Demolition
  • Total & Complete Demolition

Our range of demolition damage services

Fire Demolition
Dirty Demolition
Storm & Flood Damage Demolition
Fire damaged building ready for demolition services.


Often fire damage caused to homes, workplaces and other structures can be so severe that there is no way to restore the structure; In these cases, fire damage demolition is the only option.

Our fire damage technicians can inspect, survey, and assess the damage to the structure and provide a management plan for the full or partial demolition and removal of the affected materials and areas.

We can work with your local council for any resource consents for demolition work if required.

NZRS demolish and remove all fire damaged structures safely and quickly in preparation for any rebuild or further landscaping.

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Asbestos removal from demolition site containing asbestos, the removalist is wearing full personal protective equipment.

Dirty Demolition

If you require dirty demolition services (demolition of sites containing hazardous materials) for the removal of a structure due to damage, old age, safety risks or for a new building structure, then NZRS can help.

Our Demolition team is certified to safely handle and dispose of asbestos-containing materials and other hazardous materials during the demolition process.

We offer a range of demolition services for residential and commercial properties that are environmentally safe including deconstruction and dismantling, breaking down or the complete removal of a structure.

We use high quality and safe demolition machinery and equipment to achieve a clean and complete demolition project.  Talk to us about your demolition project, we can assist resource consents and permits with local authorities and councils if required.

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House damaged by a tree falling through the roof after a storm, and ready for demolition.

Storm & Flood Damage Demolition

Storms can wreak havoc anytime and anywhere, hurricane winds, downed trees, landslides, heavy rainfall, and flooding are just some of the causes of storm damage to properties. When damage has gone far beyond a simple broken window or loose weatherboard is when storm damage demolition may be required.

NZRS have dealt with the results of many storms and floods, we provide storm damage cleanup and weather damage restoration services. Our storm damage service provides either partial or full demolition projects. We have the resources and experience, to manage and support both small and large storm damage projects throughout New Zealand.

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Our Process

Demolition Damage FAQs

Can you demolish building with asbestos containing materials?

Yes, we can, as we are certified asbestos removal experts. All asbestos removal procedures will need to be carried out before the demolition project commences.

As NZRS are experts in both asbestos removal and demolition, you can be sure we can complete your demolition safely and professionally.

What is the difference between deconstructing and demolishing?

Deconstruction is the dismantling and salvaging materials for recycling purposes, whereas demolition uses heavy machinery and equipment to destroy and knock down structures.

Do I need a resource consent or permit for my upcoming demolition project?

You may need a resources consent, through your local authorities or council, we recommend consulting your local council to determine the requirements you need to follow, we can assist with this process if required.

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