How Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning works

We treat and remove stains to carpets & upholstery, carpet tiles, rugs and many other floor coverings in the residential home or commercial office. We are IICRC, RIA certified and members of the Carpet Cleaners Association New Zealand (CCANZ).

Talk to us about our eco-friendly stain removal and odour solutions. We are approved by, and work with insurers. Choose NZRS as your preferred carpet cleaning company.

Our range of Carpet & Upholstery services

Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Oriental Rugs
Stain Removal
Odour Removal
Pet Stains and Odours

Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning helps to remove odours, visible soiling, deep down dirt and allergens from your carpet while enhancing its appearance and extending its life.

Regular carpet cleans also help to maintain a professional and healthy image you can be proud of while improving indoor air quality for healthier homes and workplaces.

With our specialist carpet cleaning equipment and techniques, we can remove dirt, odours, and harmful residues to create a healthier environment and ensure your carpet looks great.

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Upholstery Cleaning

In any home or office, furniture items play a large role in both functionality and appearance. These items start off looking plush and clean but through wear and tear gradually become soiled with dead skin cells, body oils, food residues, gases, allergens, and bacteria. These contaminants detract from the appearance of your furniture, damage the fabric, can be a health hazard and shorten their useful life.

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Oriental Rugs

NZRS specialise in the cleaning of Oriental, Woollen, Persian, and many other types of rugs.

Regular professional rug cleaning not only improves the lifespan on that precious rug, but can remove unsightly stains, odours, dust, hair, bacteria, and pests such as lice or fleas.

We use the appropriate biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning solutions to maintain and bring life back to your rug. Due to the delicate fibres, dyes and materials found in Oriental rugs and many other rugs; it is important they are cleaned the right way using specialised cleaning products and techniques.

At NZRS our rug cleaning services are managed by trained technicians that will ensure your rug is cleaned carefully and correctly.

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red wine spilt on the carpet showing the stain.

Stain Removal

We use portable professional-grade equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for stain removal and odour treatment. This often followed by heavy-duty hot water extraction equipment to extract any remaining water following the shampooing and spot stain treatment.

Our fast-drying methods and deodorising solutions will have your floor coverings looking and smelling great again.

Stains to carpets and floor coverings can cause panic, whether these stains caused by liquids, make-up, food, pet urine or vomit, the first reaction is to clean up straight away.

You can read our FAQs further below on how to treat a potential stain immediately after a stain-causing accident occurs.

Not all stains are the same, therefore the treatment and removal techniques and methods are not the same, below are some of the types of stains we can treat and remove.

Synthetic stains: Are caused by man-made products such as dyes, make-up, and many food types
Petroleum or solvent stains: These types of stains include gel, inks, paints, oils, and grease.
Protein stains: Such as egg, faeces, vomit, and blood.
Organic stains: These common stains can be caused by coffee, tea, and other food condiments.

Emergency and Urgent Stain Removal 
We provide emergency services for sudden and unexpected stains that require immediate attention. Contact us and we can assist with treating and removing stains as an urgent matter.

Non-Urgent and Existing Stains
For those existing and stubborn long-lasting stains, we can help treat and will do our best to remove, many stains can be removed even if they have been there for some time.

Factors, such as the type of material the carpet or floor covering are made from, the type of stain, and if other treatments have been used on this stain will determine our success rate.

We do provide alternate solutions for those stubborn stains that cannot be removed.

It is recommended to have your carpets and floor coverings clean professionally at least once a year this can help reduce long term stains caused in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Odour removal logo shwoing odour with a rred strike through it.

Odour Removal

We take odour treatment seriously, nothing is ghastlier than having a terrible odour in your home, office, or property.

We use hydroxyl treatment and other effective odour treatments to eliminate odours caused by staining, spillages and other odour causing accidents.

We have had experience treating odours as a result of fire or flood-damaged properties, pet accidents, damp properties, and everything in between.

Talk to us about how we can eliminate those embarrassing horrible odours and get you property smelling great again.

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Pet Dog next to the soiled carpet in the home with the owner pointing at the stain.

Pet Stains and Odours

We all love our pets and unfortunately, pet accidents do occur on floor coverings that can cause horrible and stubborn stains and unappealing odours.

Pets can often urinate in a single spot and continue to urinate in the same spot time and time again. To help prevent this from becoming a common occurrence and causing more damage, it is recommended to deep clean and remove the stain, and equally importantly, remove the odour.

Pets stains and odours can become embedded in the underlay of the carpet pile or floor covering and in some cases seep down to the concrete flooring.

We treat and remove all types of pet-related stains and odours very often. Speak to us about how we can help remove any pet-related stains or odours in your property.

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Our Process

Carpet & Upholstery FAQs


Can you remove coffee, wine, and other tough stains from my carpet?

We can remove many stains from carpets, some may be permanent, depending of factors such as how long the stain has been thee for and if stain removal has been attempted beforehand. We recommend shying away from DIY stain removal products and let the professionals handle these.

How often should I have my upholstery professionally cleaned?

We recommend professional upholstery cleaning at least once per year dependent of the usage and if there are pets present. Regular and professional upholstery cleaning will prolong the life and appeal of upholstery.

Can I clean an Oriental rug myself?

Oriental rugs are more delicate and made differently to carpets and other forms of rugs, whilst you can attempt to clean your oriental rug, there is a risk of permanent damage if using the wrong cleaning products and techniques. We recommend professional rug cleaning in this instance.

Can you remove stains that have been there for a long time?

We have been successful in removing long-lasting stains using our specialised industry equipment and stain removal solutions and techniques. The success rate of our stain removal depends on the material the floor covering or carpet is made of, if the stain has been treated previously (using chemicals or DIY products) and how long the stain has been there for.

Am I best to use DIY stain removal products?

There are many over the counter stain removal products available in the market. Some can work as a temporary measure and some can cause the stain to become worse and in some cases damage floor coverings and carpets. We recommend using a professional stain removal company that deals with all types of stains regularly to treat and remove any unwanted stains in your home, office or property.

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