Specialist wearing personal protective equipment working on specialist decontamination and clean-up.

How specialist decontamination works

We have management plans for many types of specialist clean-ups, and unexpected emergency clean-ups.

Our experienced IICRC technicians are on call and prepared to manage these clean-up events.

We provide professional and compassionate bio-hazard clean-up services to families, employers, and the community after a traumatic event has occurred.

We often deal with events that can cause bio-hazard risks, such as unattended deaths, homicides, suicides, accidents, and other biohazard situations.

Hoarder clean-ups, storm damage, and sewage back-ups are common reasons for requiring professional and specialised decontamination services.

Our team of technicians are qualified experts when dealing with specialist clean-up services.

Our range of clean-up services

Unattended Death
Crime Scene
A hand with blood on it on the floor requiring trauma clean-up services.

Trauma Clean-Up

When a traumatic event has resulted in death due to an accident, homicide, a suicide or naturally, this can be a very difficult time for family, friends and loved ones.

We can alleviate some of the responsibility, that may be left to those grieving, such as cleaning and returning the property back to the way it was. Our specialist clean-up team can mitigate harmful biohazard substances that may be present at the scene.

Our approach is professional whilst being understanding and compassionate for the family, friends and loved ones in these circumstances.

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Specialist using equipment for decontamination of an unattended death in the home.

Unattended Death Clean-Up

Decontamination and clean-up of unattended death is important following a death of a loved one.  For those that live alone death can be the result of a sudden illness, accident, or cardiac arrest.

Often, they can pass undiscovered as there may be no-one regularly checking on their wellbeing.

Unattended deaths cause unsafe environments through bodily fluids, odour, decomposition and harmful bloodborne pathogens. An overwhelming odour can even penetrate the walls, floors and soft furnishings in the home or location of death if a body is left undiscovered.

At NZRS we understand the loss of a loved one in this fashion can be extremely traumatic. We will do everything possible to clean after the death of a loved one with compassion and respect.

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Crime scene tape across a site of a crime ready for a crime scene clean-up service.

Crime Scene Clean-Up

When the police and forensics have finished processing a crime scene, the cleaning and restoration process can commence.

Crime and accident scenes often contain blood and other biohazard contaminants that pose a serious health risk.

NZRS will respond immediately and have the trained staff that specialised trauma clean-up procedures. We use industry-standard protective and cleaning equipment and with hospital-grade chemicals to safely clean trauma and crime scenes.

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House full of junk and mould from hoarding items, ready for a hoarders clean-up.

Hoarder Clean-Up

Any property that has not been cleaned or maintained for some time will likely harbour a build-up of mould, bacteria, and other dangerous pathogens.

Hoarding situations where there is obstructed access, unstable build-ups of rubbish and limited visibility, almost always harbour biohazards. Animal urine and faeces, blood, mould, sharp objects and any dangerous pathogens, substances and diseases are common effects of hoarding.

Some biohazards may not be visible to the naked eye but still, cause unpleasant odour and the spread of infectious diseases and can lead to sickness and poor health.

We understand the sensitive nature of hoarding scenes and use the utmost degree of discretion and compassion to deliver an effective solution.

Our trained technicians specialise in hoarding situations to leave your home biologically and environmentally safe and free from biohazards.

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Sewage extraction truck ready to extract and clean up sewage from an overflow of sewage at a property.

Sewage Clean-Up

Raw sewage and sewage water are not only unsanitary, it contains harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that can cause major health issues.

If you have experienced a burst or backed-up pipe and sewage is present, then a sewage clean-up needs to take place immediately. NZRS offers sewage clean-up techniques that are required to restore your home or business to a safe and functional property.

Our sewage clean-up team has experience dealing with the effects of unexpected sewage overflows, back-ups related incidents. We can take on any sewage job that is devastating your home or business.

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Specialist Clean-Ups FAQs

What is an unattended death?

When an individual dies alone due with nobody there to help this is considered an unattended death. Most unattended deaths are undiscovered for day and in some cases, it could be weeks until they are discovered.

What is the difference between a messy place and hoarding?

Hoarding causes people to obsessive and collect items that some may consider as rubbish, it is caused by a psychological condition that makes it difficult for a person to part with items once they have been acquired.

Hoarding can cause health & safety hazards such as bio-hazardous materials.

Hoarding is very different and far more extreme than having a messy property due to not cleaning the area.

What are the dangers of sewage back-up?

There are many risks that can evolve from sewage back-up and flooding, the obvious being exposed to bacteria and disease.

Some of the not so obvious can be electrocution and fire caused by the sewage flooding making contact with live electrical outlets. If you experience this type of sewage back-up then leave the premises immediately or if it is safe to do so, then turn off the main power connection.

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