Overview of Meth progress 2010 – 2018

With many stakeholders in the meth industry here is a timeline, outlining 8 years of development:

2010 – Clean up guidelines were developed by the Ministry of Health for meth labs

2015 – State homes testing positive for meth contamination

2017 – Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment developed the NZ standards guideline NZS 8510:2017 which was set at 1.5 micrograms per 100 cm2

2018 – PMCSA  (Prime Ministers Chief Science Advisor) Published the report Meth contamination in residential properties

2018 –  Petition launched by Meth Testing Industry Association of New Zealand (MTIANZ) asking for an independent review

Key views we need to understand

The PMCSA’s report findings have been immediately adopted by State entities and do not acknowledge the scrutiny involved in the development of a published New Zealand Standard for meth contamination. MBIE engaged a review into the NZS 8510:2017 process, which upheld the process and found it complied with the Standards and Accreditation Act 2015; however the PMCSA report has not been subject to the same scrutiny.

The oversight in the PMCSA report has led to the incorrect conclusions that the likelihood of encountering a property with significant meth contamination issues is extremely low, when in actually it appears to be much higher.  The PMCSA report goes on to provide advice around management of risk, which have been supported by the Government.  This advice increases risk. MTIANZ News Release, July 25th 2018.

Our view of meth testing and decontamination comes from years of practical experience.  We understand that all stakeholders need to work together in reaching a resolution to the standards.  This needs to come through extensive consultation.  Each site we review and work on requires careful assessment of composite / detailed testing for the site, along with the work program.

If you are in the industry, take part in the MTIANZ petition for independent review of PMCA Report.

If you have any questions relating to meth removal and would like to talk to one of our experts, you can reach us
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